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Boy Protected By Tulsa Firefighters During Hostage Situation

By: McKenzie Gladney

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A young boy involved in a hostage situation this week is safe, thanks to Tulsa Firefighters at Station 22.


Firefighters from Station 22 were called to help someone that was stabbed on Wednesday and said they saw a little boy alone outside when they got to the house. 

"Hey, I've got the kid, I'll take care of him," Large said. 

The Tulsa Fire Department (TFD) uses backpacks filled with children's toys and items that help to break the ice and communicate in emergency situations.

“Each backpack can have anything such as a stuffed animal, coloring books, some toiletries, (or) hair items for them to play with. Just something to make them special and feel like they’re cared and loved for when the situation is a life altering situation that they’re called upon," Large said. 

Large said he immediately grabbed a backpack for the boy.

"I spoke with the little boy, made sure he was okay speaking with me, I asked if he liked toys. I began to open the backpack and as I did the little boy looked at me and said mommy is in the bathroom and she's bleeding," said Large.


Firefighters tried to get inside to help and that's when a man in the house shot at them.


"So immediately, I grasped the young child, took him out of the back of the pickup truck and proceeded to hide behind the ladder 22 apparatus for safety," Large said. 

His captain told News 9 that being a firefighter means you have to think quickly on your feet, even if a gun is pointed at you.

Lieutenant Large did exactly that and potentially saved the boys' life.

"At that moment, and even today, it feels like I just did the job that I've been trained to do. The good Lord put me in that situation for that exact moment. But I also know that no matter which individual was there, or was in my position, (they) would've done the same thing," Large said. 

And most importantly, he's glad the little boy is safe.

"Knowing that kid is safe and possibly with other family members or in custody where he can be safe, it warms my heart. And I just want to make sure that we reiterate the beauty of the Joy in the Cause backpacks that gave us that opportunity to speak to that kid," Large said.

"This was a GOD MOMENT at JITC"

Joy in the Cause hosted a group of ladies who were living in a Christian group home for vulnerable young women to receive emotional and spiritual healing while equipping with them with life skills and education so they can flourish. Our project included the young ladies each learning to make tutus for our stuffed Mavis Pearl stuffed bulldogs. As one lady sat down, she gasps as she saw a Mavis Pearl in a tutu and bandana and exclaimed that her mother had passed away from cancer and the only possession, she has left from her mother is a Mavis Pearl that she received from Joy in the Cause as her mother was in treatment.


She told us about how her grandma keeps the Mavis Pearl stuffed bulldog in a glass case in her house as it is a reminder of the loved one, they lost.  This young lady was so proud to know she was now sitting in the same organization that provided the stuffed bulldog for her mother and that same bulldog that is now their reminder of her mother. She is now a young mother herself and was proud to make her very own Mavis Pearl bulldog to place in the glass shelf alongside the Mavis Pearl that belonged to her mother.


This was a GOD MOMENT at the Joy in the Cause office!


"This is my place"

“This is my place. God placed me here. Don’t take this lightly when I say this because you saved my life. Finding you saved my life and gave me purpose.”


Janet found Joy in the Cause a few months ago as she was started another round of chemo. Janet has battled cancer for several years and once she found JITC, she found her purpose in giving back to others. Janet stops by the office on her way to chemo treatment and picks up lovey blankets to crochet during her treatment time. As she sits at the hospital, she talks to her nurses and those around her about JITC and the mission.


Janet’s most recient visit to Joy in the Cause ended with her saying she loved us and we adore her and her big heart for serving others. Volunteers with JITC care deeply and many of them have walked in the same shoes as those we serve which is what makes our cause so powerful in showing the love of Christ.


Our volunteers, like Janet, know that no matter what we are going thorugh, we can still serve others and give our hearts to those in need. JITC offers conection and purpose!

We Need Your Support Today!

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